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Junta de Andalucía extends free travel Insurance into 2022

Last year, the Junta de Andalucía underwrote the local travel industry in a rather spectacular way by offering free travel insurance to visitors to the region, should they contract Covid during their stay here.

Naturally, the move was motivated by the desire to support the Andalusian tourist industry and give foreign tourists the peace of mind needed to book holidays here, but it also reflected the confidence the regional authorities had in their ability to handle the situation and assure the safety of sizeable numbers of visitors.

It proved to be a well-founded confidence, as spring had seen a drastic reduction in the number of cases, and as summer began to set in the situation seemed largely under control, with distancing measures in place across the hotels, restaurants and other venues, and a significant police presence in place to enforce them.

The summer and ‘Indian summer’, which lasted well into autumn, passed without incident; that is to say, with low levels of contagion in a region which even now is less affected by Covid’s latest wave/strain than most other parts of Europe. It was a good and long tourist season that was generally well managed, and successful enough for the local authorities to extend the free travel insurance for holidays in Tarifa, Marbella and other beauty spots of Andalucía.

With demand for Tarifa rental properties so strong this past season and Tarifa beaches lively and well-filled right up to the end of October, as people basked in the wonderful late-summer weather and views across to North Africa, the expectations are that the coming season will be another great one.


Free cover also in 2022

Though it applies only to foreign visitors to places such as the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz, the free travel insurance provided by the Junta de Andalucía via Europ Assistance covers non-residents of all ages, who travel to the Autonomous Region of Andalucía as tourists by any means of transport, staying in officially recognised accommodation, with proof of booking.

Any travel/repatriation expenses or costs involved with extended quarantine stays in hotels are covered, should they contract Covid, along with accompanying medical bills of up to €4,000. 

It is good news for international travellers, not only because of the free cover itself, but also because of the confidence implicit in the extension. Contact us for more detailed information about holiday rentals in Tarifa and surroundings.

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