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Desde hace 12 años, Tarifa forma parte de nuestra vida. Tarifa Direct fenomenal y Lali es estupenda.

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Vejer – Solar farms and more windmills

Although we’re all in favour of going green and saving the planet, the residents of Vejer didn’t really want it all taking place in their backyard. It’s expected that 90 per cent of the electricity consumed by homes in Andalucía will be produced naturally by the year 2013. Hundreds of wind generators grace the flatlands between Tarifa and Vejer and inland now to Medina Sidonia, but future plans contemplate hundreds of acres of solar panels being planted amongst the fields of sunflowers and rice. The company Solpex Energia will invest 70 million euros in ‘un huerto solar’ close to Vejer that will provide energy for 4000 homes. At least for now, the windmills planned to decorate the horizon as one admires the sunset off the El Palmar coast haven’t been approved.