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Tarifa Direct Blog

Thanks again to Graham Pagden for sending us this news item:  

Well we made it!!!
On Saturday the 12th of July at midday we took of from the beach in Tarifa to sail across the Straights of Gibralter, the ride was pretty smooth most of the way, the wind was not quite as strong as

Thanks again to Graham Pagden for sending us this news item: 

Well only 10 days to go until the crossing 4 cancer event which will be held hopefully on the beach at Arte Vida hotel in Tarifa on the 18th of June, the departure time will be around about 2 o'clock in the afternoon as this

Thanks to Graham Pagen for sending us these news items: 

On the 18th of June a team of 5 kite surfers will leave the white sandy beaches of Tarifa in the south of Spain to kite surf across the Straights of Gibraltar and hopefully land in Morocco in the North of Africa in aid to raise money

 So why is it that the Local Police/Guardia Civil can’t go around all the favourite illegal camping sites moving on the camper homes? – I can do it in less than 20 mins
(Drive around that is – not move them on):
‘The Runway’
Just we
It’s already the 1st of June and I still haven’t seen any sign of preparations on the beaches of Tarifa for the hordes that descend on us every Summer.
I think the first thing should be for all those ‘domingueros’ from Algeciras who spend nothing in the town but like to remind us all

How many of you have been to the ‘Parking’ at Las Lances beach recently?
The width of the ‘Runway’ has been halved so that just a few dozen cars and motor homes block access to one of the most extensive areas for water sports on the South Coast of Spain – let alone Tarifa.

From 20th – 25th May Sanlucar de la Barrameda celebrates this traditional Andalucian festival where one can
partake of the local wine – Manzanilla.

For the second year running Vida magazine assisted at Fitur at the kind invitation of the Tarifa and Algeciras municipalities – regular advertisers.

Seven years ago the Robinson Club chain of hotels (part of TUI) and Hipotels approached the Town Hall of Barbate to change the use of a large piece of land near the lighthouse.

Whilst work at Jerez Airport continues with the aim of doubling the capacity of travellers by 2010, airlines that inaugurated new routes direct to Jerez in 2007 are already cancelling them because of lack of interest and low load factors.