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Tarifa - Megapuerto

The 13,000-strong population of Tarifa is divided in their opinion of the benefits of a new Megapuerto that the owners (The Algeciras Port Authority) of the current port would like to bestow on this chilled-out, laid back surfing community. Tarifa – The Adventure Capital of Europe – is renowned worldwide for its fabulous beaches, clean waters and as the mecca of kite and windsurfing. Those in favour count on the number of new jobs that would be on offer to local people. Those against, cite the Algeciras Port as something they definitely don’t want on their doorstep. The 200 million euro investment would build a new harbour for container and passenger ships and provide for the increased demand for high-speed ferries to Tangiers. The current port would continue in use as a fishing port with space available for recreational yachts.