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Rubbish on the Beach

It’s already the 1st of June and I still haven’t seen any sign of preparations on the beaches of Tarifa for the hordes that descend on us every Summer.
I think the first thing should be for all those ‘domingueros’ from Algeciras who spend nothing in the town but like to remind us all that they’ve been here – plastic bags of rubbish everywhere and ‘crap’ in the sand dunes.
Is it impossible for the ‘Authorities’ to put waste paper bins every 100 metres along the main beaches and empty them every morning? They managed it a couple of years ago but obviously it was too much effort and I don’t remember seeing any bins last year. So I guess this year there’s no chance.
And why are there no toilet facilities………………….?
All this talk about looking after the environment and yet the ‘Authorities’ must assume that we can all go to the loo once in the morning and then ‘hold it in’ for the rest of the day – until we get home.
I can just – but my grandmother can’t!
I don’t think there’s any facility for the several kms from the football stadium through to Hotel Dos Mares apart from a couple provided by the Chiringuitos at  the ‘Runway’ – and they’re only open for a couple of months of the year. And how many thousands are on that beach in August – the mind boggles.
And what happened to the watch towers? That was a great initiative some years ago and a pretty obvious requirement for the world centre of kitesurfing/windsurfing with hundreds of  people out on the water at any one time in the Summer.
I think they lasted one season, got blown/washed down at the end of it and that was the end of that.
Where’s the demarcation buoys which clearly show where one can windsurf, kitesurf or swim? Well I guess it’s clear to the ‘Authorities’ engineer who draws the plan/map – but how are the rest of us supposed to know?
Yeh, I know there’s a couple of telegraph poles still standing at Las Lances and Valdevaqeros with some arrows on them,  but how about some proper signs so all locals and visitors are clear on where to sail and swim.
There’s been some terrible accidents with kite surfers hitting swimmers and it’s only a matter of time before the ‘Authorities’ ban us all from the water and Tarifa can revert to the quiet successful little fishing village it used to be.
(I’m just trying to make the point that I think it’s the kitesurfers/windsurfers and other visitors that now bring some prosperity to a place that was pretty poor until the wind was ‘discovered’.)
Also I think the Local Police who pace up and down the beach in the Summer should be just as quick to lock offenders (on the water) up as they are when we illegally park on yellow lines in the town  - yep I’m going to write about that soon as well!
Still looking forward to the Summer?