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Hi Noemi, Thank you so much for all your help and excellant English last week! We had an excellant holiday and really loved the apartment and Tarifa's laid back attitude....... i think we will be back! I am sorry we rushed off without saying a proper goodbye, but thank you for everything! Best wishes, Hilary Bliss

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Los Lances Beach, Tarifa......

How many of you have been to the ‘Parking’ at Las Lances beach recently?
The width of the ‘Runway’ has been halved so that just a few dozen cars and motor homes block access to one of the most extensive areas for water sports on the South Coast of Spain – let alone Tarifa.
What are the ‘Authorities’ thinking of; there’s so many of them, I don’t know which one to blame. Tarifa Town Hall, Costas, Parque del Estrecho, Junta de Andalucia?
All these civil servants – what a drain on our taxes…………..
Business in Tarifa is bad enough without further restricting the access of kiters and windsurfers – once again biting the hand that feeds us.
I just can’t imagine what is going to happen in July and August when the only close alternative for parking will be across the main road where there was once an area levelled for those waiting for a ferry across to Tangiers.
I hate to forecast more bad news, but how long will it be before someone gets killed or injured struggling with his windsurf or kitesurf equipment across the notorious N340.
Then our ‘Authorities’ will be up in arms once more saying what a dangerous road it is and posturing once more for the rapid introduction of an Autovia.
Of course it’s going to be dangerous…………………….
Hey, if I’m wrong about all of this and what we see is just temporary, please put me right
That’s what this Blog is all about as I keep speaking out of turn and putting my foot in it.