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Client Testimonials
Finally just about sorted out at home.  We just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with our stay in Tarifa.  We all had a fab time and wish we were still there.  Although the weather in the UK is absolutely lovely at the moment. Spence wanted me to remind you, his offer of help and advice still stands with regard to the mountain biking centre. Anyway, thanks again Tony and hopefully we will see you very soon.

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Crossing for Cancer II

Thanks again to Graham Pagden for sending us this news item: 

Well only 10 days to go until the crossing 4 cancer event which will be held hopefully on the beach at Arte Vida hotel in Tarifa on the 18th of June, the departure time will be around about 2 o'clock in the afternoon as this is when the wind is the most consistent, but as you all know with this event it is up to mother nature to do her part and provide us with a good breeze.
As far as the line up of riders going across the the straights in the event goes, we have had to reduce the number from 5 to 2 due to the fact that the local authorities believe it is too dangerous to have all of us out there at once, so Graham and Antonio will be going across with the others giving us support from the beach.
The donations seem to be coming along with approx 10000 pounds having been raised so far on the Mcmillan Fund and hopefully something similair on the Spanish websites, so we are half to our objective, which we hope to get close to by the 18th so any body who wants to make a donation now would be the time to do it and those that have donated I would just like to say once again thank you, we appreciate it so much.
Well we look forward to hearing from you or maybe seeing you all on the beach on the 18th,