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Desde hace 12 años, Tarifa forma parte de nuestra vida. Tarifa Direct fenomenal y Lali es estupenda.

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Battle of Trafalgar – continued

Seven years ago the Robinson Club chain of hotels (part of TUI) and Hipotels approached the Town Hall of Barbate to change the use of a large piece of land near the lighthouse. However, the ambitious plans approved by the Town Hall were subsequently turned down by the Junta de Andalucia in 2005 and approval for a lower density – 35 per cent less – hotel of lesser height was given. The owners of the plot still held out for their original sales price but the potential buyers wanted to renegotiate. It looked like another drawn out process in the courts was coming up, but in recent months both sides have moved closer to an agreement. Not before time, because Barbate desperately needs it’s share of tourists and subsequent investment in the local economy and more jobs.